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Born from a Philips patent, it is now an appliance that you cannot do without, especially if you have children who love french fries, but not everyone knows how it works and what you can do with it. Even if the name is misleading, it is not only used for “frying” but being in all respects a small ventilated oven, it is now used for making desserts, bread, pizzas and in some models for drying fruit and vegetables.

Prices vary greatly, from 40-50 euros for small products for use by couples or singles, to larger ones useful for the whole family or, as mentioned before, for making other things besides chips. There are now many on the web. sites dedicated to recipes for this appliance.

The air fryer is not actually a real fryer, which cooks food in fat at high temperatures, but simulates frying using a minimum quantity of oil, and uses air which, as in traditional frying, completely envelops the food making it golden and crunchy and much healthier!

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