Table games

Board games to play with children

Board games for children offer an engaging and interactive gaming experience that stimulates the mind and promotes socialization. Classic games like Monopoly, Junior Scrabble and Risk teach math, spelling and strategy skills in a fun way, quizzes help kids learn while having fun. With board games, children can learn, have fun and create lasting memories together with family and friends.


Board games for an evening with friends

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Bricks for children, an excellent game to stimulate their creativity

Lego and Playmobil constructions are iconic toys that offer children endless possibilities to create and imagine. With Lego bricks, little builders can assemble vehicles, buildings and fantasy worlds, developing their creativity and motor skills. Playmobil, on the other hand, offers thematic sets that allow children to create realistic scenarios and characters, stimulating role-play and storytelling. Both brands also promote learning through play, developing skills such as problem solving and collaboration. Lego and Playmobil constructions are a fun and educational way for children to explore, build and imagine.